Plants Vs Zombies 2 Free PC Download

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Free Download

Plants-vs-zombies-2-PC Get addicted to the plants vs zombies 2 The most popular and entertaining video game, Plants vs Zombies,has hooked people around the world. The American tower defence game was developed by PopCap Games. Published for both Microsoft Windows as well as OS X, plants vs zombies 2 for pc involves an owner of the home that uses a great number of plants for repelling the army of zombies. These plants prevent the zombies from easting the brains.

Details of the Game

Plants vs zombies 2 is the sequel of the original game, plants vs zombies that was originally released in the year 2009 on May 5.The sequel was named, Plants vs Zombies 2: it’s about Time. This game, plants vs zombies 2 free download was released in the year 2013 on August 15 for iOS. Since its release, the game has been extended to many platforms and versions. This has made it one of the most popular games. The plants vs zombies 2 download games is available on Windows, iPad, Nintendo, Xbox, Android, BlackBerry and many other platforms. Hence, people can easily relate to the game, irrespective of the device they possess.

 Installation Setup of Plants Vs Zombies 2 

plants vs zombies 2 installation setup windows pc


plants vs zombies 2 free download


plants vs zombies 2 for pc



Plants Vs Zombies 2 Free Download

The Gameplay In the game, plants vs zombies 2 for pc, the players have to place different kinds of plants and fungi around the house for preventing the group of zombies from entering the house of residents. The plants that are placed are diverse in their character, depending on their offensive as well as defensive capabilities. The playing area is segregated into five-six horizontal lanes. Planting costs the players ‘sun’. The sun does not cost anything to players, it is free of cost. The plants can defend against the zombies only in the lane that they are planted in.


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plants vs zombies 2 future world level map

plants vs zombies 2 new world dark ages pc


Design of the Game

The game, plants vs zombies 2 download makes use of different type of levels and layouts. The game begins in the front yard and then progresses to levels in night time. The night time levels are quite challenging as the sun is replenished by that time. The final level of the game takes place in pool levels at night time. On the final level of the game, the player has to face a giant robot that is operated by the zombie referred as Dr.Zomboss. During the plants vs zombies 2 free download, zombies warn the player through letters.

Modes of the game

The primary mode of plants vs zombies 2 pc download is single player, adventure mode and multi player. Players can make the most of extra modes, which are unlocked when player advances through main adventure.


The game has been climbing on the popularity charts since its release. People across the platforms find the game easy to play and yet interesting and entertaining. The game has been receiving positive response not only from the players in general but even critics as well. The game, plants vs zombies 2 pc download was even nominated for a number of Interactive Achievement Awards. In addition, the musical score of the game received appreciation too.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Installation Setup


Plants Vs Zombies 2 Free Download Below




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